Last year, the province of Ontario elected a premier (equiv to state governor) who is kind of a Trumpesque clown of corruption. You might remember when his brother, Rob Ford, was the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto.

The OPP is the provincial police force. Premier DOUG changed the list of qualifications for the job of commissioner (head) of the OPP so that he could hire his buddy, Ron Taverner.

The deputy commissioner thought this was fishy and continued his complaints, he got fired, he made more noise, and this morning I awoke to the good news that the premier's buddy has withdrawn his name from consideration for the head of the provincial police.

Also two female ministers just quit the cabinet of our pretty prime minister (Justin Trudeau) - so along with paying attention to Michael Cohen and all the fun in DC, we have our own riveting testimony.

These are interesting times.


The only damper on this news is that the vast majority of Canadians are too stupid to realize that the federal cons would have done the exact same thing if in power as they were in power during multiple scandals involving the same company. The faux outrage of the right is unfortunately evident on both sides of the border and the saddest thing is how well it works.

posted by lil: 196 days ago