What Can Be Learned?

Here's the results of my non-scientific study of hubski here:

Each of us probably hides more than we say, but what is valuable and important is 45 people chose to show up for my check-in. Of those that showed up, I have had personal interactions over the years with about 34 of you. Some people have sent me things: postcards, books, poems, poem books, toys, and more. I have sent them things. Some of us used to talk over IRC. Sometimes we'd collaborate or pm. Many of us have moved through whatever need first drew us to hubski. We might not show up as much as before, but we still check in.

Personally, hubski was a great support and friend when I joined in 2012. Life was so different then. Hubski and other late-night endeavours were much more interesting than going to bed. Not so much anymore :-)


- about half of those checking in were in their 20s, including a few who were "almost 20"

- 10 were 30, including 2 who were almost 30

- 6 reported being in their 40s

- 3 were 50 or older

I suspect it has ever been thus. Note galen who first graced these pages at 12 or 13 is now almost 20.


We are reporting in from several corners of the globe. In addition to at least 13 US states, we have regular contributors or lurkers in UK and Ireland, Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden), Europe (France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland), Israel and Australia, and a Canadian currently in Columbia.


We have multiple preoccupations that compete for attention in our lives. As can be expected, workers are preoccupied with work and students are preoccupied with school. About 15 people report on preoccupations with creative work of various kinds. Health, working out, hiking, climbing, cycling preoccupies another ten or so.

Some mention caring for others: our children and our parents.

What I found particularly interesting was the number of people (8) who reported being preoccupied with wondering what they would do next or wondering what is worth doing.

Most of us want to do well in the world and for the world.

Here's a shout out to a few people who might enjoy the thread wasoxygen, Cumol, flagamuffin, b_b.

Finally What else can be learned from seeing who's left on hubski? Did you notice anything that I missed?

Edit I just noticed more checkins since I wrote this!!


What I took away from your thread is that everyone who used to be here still wants to participate occasionally even if we don't see them very often anymore. There were many variations of "I wish I had more to say but I've been damn busy"; my interactions on Reddit were generally a form of "my life is a trainwreck please help me" while my interactions on Hubski have largely been "I'm trying to do something bigger please help me" which means everyone is eventually going to have too much going on in their lives to hang out on the Internet.

posted 263 days ago