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Who is actually in?

I started after 8:30AM this morning. I had some coffee with cream, and a handful of blueberries and cashews for breakfast.

I smashed/cut my thumb pretty good last night. It's gnarly. Maybe I'll find out if fasting slows the healing process.


Thus ended my 72 1/4 hour fast at 8:15AM.

I then had a french pancake with maple syrup. I felt a very primal reaction to the syrup, like my body was saying: "OMG fuck yeah, more more more!". The blueberries felt similarly. I'm sure it's all about quick energy when you're in that state.

This was my third time in about 4.5 years. This one wasn't any more difficult than the two previous, however, I did feel foggier this time around. I left the burner on after making that omelet.

It's about 1.5 hours after my first bite, and my power bar is already about 90%. My wife and I are going for a walk. I feel very good.

posted 333 days ago