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Shout-outs to mk, ecib, mike, cgod, lil, kleinbl00, insomniasexx, steve, b_b, forwardslash, flagamuffin, ButterflyEffect, sounds_sound, cW, theadvancedapes, lil, StJohn, Cortez, alpha0, Complexity, BrainBurner, zebra2, _refugee_, veen, caio, scrimetime, ghostoffuffle, nowaypablo, OftenBen, Meriadoc, arguewithatree, Creativity, wasoxygen, flac, am_Unition, francopoli, elizabeth, bfv, katakowsj, oyster, Cumol, swedishbadgergirl, Quatrarius, tacocat, goobster, blackbootz, humanodon, demure, rob05c, galen, and even... ahametals.

I'm missing a TON of people in there, but you are the folks that immediately came to mind. I'm getting older and my mind isn't what it once was..

I love you all. Thank you for making this a special place then, now and going forward.




Ha! I get to sit next to ahametals! Nice.

Thank you, TNG, for all you do for the site, and how wonderful you always are. Same goes for mk, insomniasexx, rob05c, and everyone who's ever posted a #bugski ;)

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