Hi Hubski

Back in my first 1000-2000 days on hubski, from time to time we would have a check in.

Someone would ask for more info - fake name, country or US state, age, and biggest preoccupation, for example. (Can anyone find these links, I can't.)

Twenty or thirty people would chime in, even lurkers. It was a fun way to get a better sense of the community. Is anyone in? I'll donate $2 to hubski for everyone who checks in. That $0 donation bar in the top right corner is looking pretty lonely.

In the "meaning" chapter In Yuval Harari's book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, he says that for life to have meaning, we need a role and a purpose that involves something greater than ourselves. I'm not asking for your role and purpose -- but it would be awesome to read.

Name: lil

Location: Canada

Age: Way older than you (but still infinitely cool!)

Current Preoccupation: right now, US and Canada politics and decluttering

Previous Preoccupations: Higgs-Boson, writing, heartbreak, heart repair, everything really. Everything.


hellloooooooo, this is how my life is now.

posted 527 days ago