I just heard what sounded like definite domestic abuse in the breezeway of my apartment. I had no idea where it was coming from. There are 8-12 units in this part of the building

In college I heard definite abuse from an apartment I could identify. I didn't do anything and still feel bad but also feel that calling the police may not have done anything.

Apartment living is weird. I'm pretty sure this has happened before. Where I heard vague but disturbing shouting. I even lived under a shooting in college but that is another story. Which really isn't interesting. It just shows apartments are weird

Edit: I'm pretty sure the dude just left the apartment building I'm in, drove fast and angry around the corner within the complex and crashed his car. What is even happening here? I need to sleep


Wow - I hope no one else was in or under his car.

As for what to do -- that's a tough one. I would, however, call a non-emergency line at the police station in your town (Atlanta? I forget) and ask them what you should do if there's a level of loud abuse that is concerning. I'm glad you're concerned -- also ask anyone else from the apartment that you run into, if he or she knows which apartment the horribleness is coming from. Maybe the landlord knows.

Your poem "Saving Grace, Delivered from Chaos" just fell out of the files and boxes that I'm trying to clean up. It gave me a pause. I think it is from a few years ago. The topic is one I've been discussing often with mivasairski -- how what appears to be a miracle is contingent

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