With time, English has emerged as one of the languages which are spoken widely across the world. With English gaining so much importance, it becomes necessary to possess good knowledge about it. It is the language which the world speaks and you have to be fluent to get connected with the world. Of course, there are academic benefits as well. You can gain admission to faraway universities with your English skills. If you haven't been lucky enough to get a good education of English at the school level, you can polish your skills at the IELTS Coaching Center. You will only learn English here but also have an edge when you opt for the crucial IELTS exams. So join a reputed IELTS institute with the aim of adding foreign education to your CV.

Tips to Learn English

Given below are tips for Enriching your English skills :

1. Strike An Association Between The Words Of The Native Language And English

Look up the dictionary for synonyms of words you often use in your native language. Doing vice versa will benefit you even more. This step will enrich your English connected with daily life. Practice usage and pronunciation of these words. You can also try translating between the two languages. Both ways, it will be beneficial for you.

2. Commit mistakes!

Well, that is a confusing one , but we mean feel free to commit mistakes. Don't side-line your learning for the fear of not committing mistakes. Not trying will be the greatest mistakes of all. Be in an environment where your teachers look for your mistakes, correct them and support you in carrying forward the flow of English. Improvement will set in slowly but surely.

3. Book The Best Dictionary

Investing money and time in the best dictionary is a crucial step towards English. Although we can ask our elders the meaning of some words, it is always useful to have a good dictionary with you. It will tell you not only the meaning, the pronunciation but get you acquainted with the usage and synonyms s as well. Various apps can be downloaded on the phone to give you support.

4. Make Learning Fun

Look for ways to make learning an enjoyable and pleasurable activity. You will not gain as much from the exercise drills as you will from the audio-visual aids. Many websites and apps offer genuine English videos which feature native English speakers. You can also make use of trailers, movies and inspiring talks by various people. Learn the fun way with the audio-visual and digital support of the internet.

5. Make English Come Alive

Make the language come alive with your enactment and role play. Host numerous sessions wherein you can talk about your daily life, what you like or dislike or your viewpoint on a certain topic. This way, your nervousness in speaking will be waylaid and you will emerge as a better speaker and communicator. It will naturally lead to the betterment of your fluency. You can also undertake enactment sessions in which you play a role and deliver the dialogues in English. Very soon you will be among the best English speakers.


Thanks for the tips. These are really useful to improve my English. My teacher also gives me a tip that helps me too. For speaking, just listening and repeat what the native say, from the tone, speed to the words they use, then record and check your talk. I did that on my apknite record app, it's hard for the first time and in the beginning, but turn out better later. Hope this tip works for anyone who wants to enhance their English too.

posted 333 days ago