Please follow the link and read about her. It’s common when people die to make saints of them. My Oma really was one. I’m going to miss her so much. She was my safe place. I can’t believe she is actually gone.

Some of you met her. steve I am glad you were able to when you were in town.

I want to get one of those WWJD bracelets but with an O instead of a J.




I just read the article and obit, and then read again the story about your Opa and the eulogy that you posted in June 2018.

Now 8 months later, Oma has joined Opa in the Great Oneness that is the invisible web of connections and spirit that we all are part of. You are so blessed and lucky to have grown up with such inspiring people. I am sad for your grief and pain of loss, such loss.

My biggest fear about creating loving connections is that they will end.

I have to keep telling myself that we never really get over anything, but we do learn to carry it more gently -- and be grateful, while we are enjoying our loving connections, and later, grateful that we were capable of this great love we had.


posted by thenewgreen: 251 days ago