A phone is just too useful to go completely without. Yet we're all familiar how well smartphones are designed--to keep us using them well past the point of need and well into oblivion.

I lack the consistent discipline to restrict my newsfeed scrolling, aimless web browsing, and email use. A couple of guys set out to make it easier for me. I might drop $300 to give it a try.


I came within a millisecond of going all-in on the Lightphone 1 and then later on the 2.


1 didn't do directions/maps. I need that. I don't need a literal map, I just need to know where to make my next turn. Without that capability, switching to the Lightphone 100% was not an option.

2 does do maps. Kinda. Maybe. If they make enough money. Possibly.

1 had delivery and usability problems.

2 honestly is going to have a "plucky startup" level of usability, but not the absolute UTILITY that we expect of our phones.

The best review I saw of the Lightphone said it is a fantastic SECOND phone. You have your primary smartphone, and you actually turn it off from time to time. In the evenings. When on vacation. When you need some quiet. Whatever. Then you use your Lightphone.

For that use case alone, apparently it is a dream solution, and - quite honestly - I'm even close to dropping $300 just to try it out.


Now I will have two phones.

Or one phone at home that I need to decide to carry instead of my primary phone.

And I have trouble even remembering to bring my access badge to work with me every day, at a job I have had for 3 years.

Honestly Lightphone... it's not you... it's me.

posted by blackbootz: 245 days ago