Time to start the migration process. Windows 7 support ends in one year. Win10 is your choice if you are staying in the WinTel environment. For those that want to do something else, Linux Mint (with the Cinnamon front end) and Ubuntu are very similar up front to Windows. Linux is great if you do everything online and are not running specialized software. Since all my financial stuff is in a web browser now, I don't have to deal with Quickbooks installed locally, so this may be the year I finally move everything in the house off Windows.

Too bad I still need it for work. My userbase would flip all its gaskets if they had to learn a new OS.

Anyone else migrating? Changing? Upgrading?


I set my windows station as a dual-boot of Win 7 and 10 a few months ago. In my case, it's mostly for testing stuff, learning C#/F# on their proper platform (yes, I know about Mono) and getting some hands-on experience with those systems. The overall experience is neither appalling nor amazing. Both were thoroughly decrapped, and IMO I did my best to prevent suspicious network activity. There are no long-term plans for this box, but at the moment I have no reason to repurpose or wipe it clean.

I'd guesstimate that 90% of my work continues to be done on Linux or FreeBSD, so there's that.

EDIT: I'll likely preserve the Windows 7 partition, maybe a VM copy as well, after the final updates. At worst it's going to be a waste of space, at best I'll find some cool use for it, for a loose definition of cool that is.

posted 371 days ago