Welp... lot's happening at Forever Labs. This week is a perfect distillation of what it's like to run a startup. We are training a new Chief Marketing Officer, we had new hoods delivered to the lab, we signed off on advisory agreements for a company Mark/I are advising in the stem cell space, I picked up 8 human wisdom teeth from a friend that is a dentist, I took a phone call with a guy that sold his company in the largest consumer acquisition in history ($3.5b), we have an interview with Harpers Bazaar on Friday, we launched a new pricing model for the month of January testing if a lower price (just $500) increases signups and shortens the sales cycle, Mark is processing stem cells from dog testicles, we are putting together a pro forma for a capital raise, we took meetings with our business attorneys this morning about how to structure an A round and how to best form a b2b entity of our business which would sell stem cells lines for R&D purposes, we took a meeting with healthcare attorneys to ensure we can legally allow our clients to consent to donate their cells for R&D (turns out we CAN!!! Woo-hoo!), we have dinner tonight with an investor and with the Pet Labs team (a pet stem cell company partially owned by us), I have a call with our lead investor from our previous round tomorrow to give an update and we banked a 5x NBA all star's stem cells who signed up his supermodel girlfriend to bank this week.

Someone asked Mark how his holiday break was and we both started laughing. Break?

I was able to record a song over Christmas. I will post it to Hubski today.

How are all of you? Please, live life for me. Let me live vicariously through all of you ;-)



posted 313 days ago