The team at Jetpack Aviation (JPA) has just completed test flights in which two pilots flew close enough together to playfully boop each other on the nose. Next step: the world's first jetpack race series, starting in 2019, and yes, the jetboards and jet suits of the world are invited to participate!


JB=9: "10 minutes plus, depending on pilot weight," says Mayman. "For the technically minded, it also depends a little bit on temperature, altitude and that kind of thing, but that's by no means as significant as the total pilot weight."

Flyboard Air: "and a maximum endurance of 10 minutes. "

Williams X-Jet: "Endurance: 30–45 minutes"

One of these was cancelled by the Army in 1983. The other two are "the future is here."

posted by lil: 260 days ago