In life; as literally or metaphorically as you feel like writing.

It's good to check in with each other and see how we're doing, every once in a while. Just make sure you don't dox yourself or anything.


Just opened the coffee shop, old sweet Bill is my only customer a the moment.

Getting ready for Christmas in general.

Wondering how I'll pay for buying my kid a set of transparent locks and picks for Christmas.

In an exploratory phase of a new business idea. Thinking about selling the shop and converting a movable houseboat into a coffee shop. It might be something that could take off in this goofy town. So many things I don't know about boats and the regulatory tape that would be involved.

I fixed some broken electronics on my espresso machine. This always makes me happy. Most shops dump a lot of money into their machines every year. So far I've gotten by spending less than twenty bucks on parts every so often and doing the repairs myself. The bit I had to fix cost $14 from the espresso supply store but looking around I found an almost perfect substitute for $2.50 with free two day amazon shipping. Self sufficiency makes me happy.

posted 529 days ago