I mean, this is so shitty that not even the press corps could handle it. That audio drifting in and out? The cameras panning rapidly from one ancient shitty white person to another? That's a news crew going what-the-fuck-is-going-on and hoping for the best.

Someone needs to go through and caption Pence.

"I wonder what Mother wants for dinner"

"I wish I had my fiddle"

"Did Eve have a belly button"

Oh look PBS has slightly less shitty audio and slightly shittier framing


Twitter has dubbed Pence "the potted plant".

Schumer and Pelosi wanted this meeting behind closed doors, but the protagonist(?) from The Apprentice wanted the cameras rolling.

Schumer needed to make more direct eye contact while Trump was yelling at him about owning the shutdown (big mistake, btw). Stare down his bullshit.

posted 444 days ago