My last final is December 14th then I'll be free from undergrad. The goal is to not do a Masters because I'm pretty much over school after 17 years of it, but that is looking more and more unlikely. Most public health jobs want an MPH. My favorite part is that top MPH programs also tend to want two years of job experience before you apply. The real world is fucked.

The Job search is going pretty poorly. Applied for probably around 25 this semester and most of them have been ignoring me. At least some of them straight up said no so that was nice. What a demoralizing thing job searching is. There is one glimmer of hope. The health department I interned at this summer is applying for a grant. My supervisor from the internship called me up Monday and told me about the job, reiterated how well I did over the summer and how at some point while talking about the grant with the department heads, my name came up as someone who would fit should they get the grant. So I might have that, but it is dependent on the grant situation, and even then I would still likely have to apply and beat out some competition. It's also only a nine month grant if they do get it, so it's far from a permanent job. But I'm a little hopeful.

I dropped out of therapy after six or so weeks. I realized I wasn't being honest with dude and that's not good. It also felt like he was focusing too much on my procrastination and not enough on my past traumas, and I didn't like that. I don't want my parents knowing about me going to therapy or anything, so once I graduate and go home, I won't be finding a place to try again. Once I move out and have my own health insurance though, I can try again.

nowaypablo the Reignwolf concert was unreal. What an incredible showman he is. The venue wasn't more than 50 people which for a Monday for some guy with almost no music released is relatively understandable. The band played in the crowd the entire show, and at one point, Jordan went up to the second floor balcony lugging an amp and his guitar and played some up there. The opener was a band called Bones Owens. They were great too, which for small concerts almost never happens.

The Portugal. the Man concert was everything I hoped it would be and more. Still the greatest band of all time. I love how in live shows they meld songs together and cover a ton of stuff. They also brought up a few people from local tribes to the stage to talk before the show which was really awesome. They performed a traditional song too. It was really moving and unique.

I'm at a really cool part in life with so many unknowns next which is scary, but incredibly exciting too. What might be some cool cities I should scope out for jobs other than just applying for the job I want in various cities? I can look for a city and just apply for jobs there too. I love nature so I've been looking at places like Portland, OR and Seattle. I also love music and small concerts, and those cities both have good scenes for those. Where am I not looking that I should be, oh great infinite wisdom of Hubski?

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