I understand what this guy is trying to say but I think he's overworking his examples to try and bash just point home.

Here's Tony Williams not jumping right back into the all inclusive great spirit of togetherness to take a long technical drum solo. It's waay more laid back than a Buddy Rich solo but it's it's a masterbatory technical drum fest.

Tony is on on my top 10 drummers list. Buddy wouldn't make my top 100. It's a who I like list not a talent list, I'm not qualified to write the talent list.

Buddy Rich is a super talented highly technical wanker. He doesn't have a lot of soul but holy shit can he beat on those things hard and fast. His shit is very white.

I'm going to hurt some feelings here but so is Dave Brubeck. Dave's work is painfully Caucasian. Jazz musicians play Dave Brubeck so they can get brunch work at fancy restaurants. Miles Davis wrote birth of the cool in response to everyone getting worked up about the Dave Brubeck "cool jazz" sound. He knew that shit wasn't cool, it was just accessable to a white audience, like Buddy. It was cold and clever but not soulful.

This kid who really loved movies came into the bar I was working at after seeing Whiplash twice in one week. He proclaimed that it was the best music movie off all time. other bartender on shift with me was a professional musician who kept one shift a week at the bar for when work dried up and for when he had too much work and needed to get out of the studio.

The bartenders buddy was at the bar as well. He is also a professional musician who has a pretty good career, touring with and producing artists you've probably heard of. They had both seen the movie.

Both the musicians thought Whiplash was the shittiest most unrealistic music movie they had ever seen. They included Spinal Tap in that ranking.

posted by galen: 302 days ago