Down with Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of the establishment blue team.


So I'm with you here that we don't want Trump to be president anymore. But I don't see how impeaching Trump is going to get him out of office any faster since the Senate is still red until at least 2020 and Trump will sure as hell never resign unless he's literally forced out. It's a hollow political victory that doesn't accomplish anything, and time is better spent forcing the republicans to a vote on issues that actually affect the country, and re-taking the senate and white house in 2020.

The base assumption with a divided Congress is that absolute fuckall is going to happen for a minimum of two years. Better to end that two years with a bunch of angry, mobilized democrats who want Trump out of the white house anyway(which they can make happen in 2020) rather than a bunch of angry, mobilized Republicans who might take the house back.

posted by OftenBen: 299 days ago