Still Life

    In still life photography, a photographer creates an image with almost full control over lighting, mood, and composition.

7 Tips and 35 Examples -TIM KOK



This is not a contest, everyone who posts a photo wins.

Post any photo that YOU took. Gear doesn't matter.

Post as many photos as you want.

Constructive criticism is welcome. This should be where we can all grow and learn as photographers together.

Nonconstructive criticism should be ignored or shunned.

Feel free to post photos even after the week is up. There is no time limit.

Feel free to post theme suggestions for future weekly challenges.

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The heart of the JLC:

I have a new eyepiece camera and my father-in-law gifted me an old Olympus SZ-30. It allows me to take ridiculous pictures. The letters in "SEVENTEEN" are less than a millimeter tall.

And because I'm impressed with all this crud:

posted by psychoticmilkman: 35 days ago