Some songs end in wit

It's all I have ever written

Some songs start with soul

It's all I have never sold

Some parts end in doom

I just wish I could keep a tune

Red and blue is the color of my heart

I just wish the chapter ended at that part

Some times end in laughter

Some times end in pain

Some times end in disaster

But I guess it's what you gain

What is man to a chariot

When his heart is red and blue

Bruised and swollen, still a patriot

I guess it's all what you choose to do

I wish I was a better friend

I wish I was a better lover

I wish I knew what was at the end

I haven't read cover to cover

Just coat my body in pollen

(Call it fairy dust)

Pray for those when I am befallen

Until my plaque overruns with rust

You can not know what to say

(Until we choose to seize the day)

But know I love you anyway


Hm, really nice poem. How many time do you need to write one small poem?

posted by darlinareyousleepy: 346 days ago