No specification of whether he was fired or resigned. Probably pressured into the latter to shave off one small sliver of political backlash. Edit: yep

This is exactly the day I thought Jeff Sessions would go bye-bye. If you're a news organization with more than two reporters, you probably had your "Jeff Sessions is out at the DoJ" article written over a year ago.

I also expect big headlines from Mueller within about 52 hours.

Edit2: In case you missed it, Trump has appointed Session's ex-Chief of Staff, Matthew Whitaker, as acting attorney general, which gives Whitaker oversight of the special counsel's investigation. Before Whitaker was hired by the DoJ last year, he wrote an op-ed for CNN highly critical of the special counsel. So this is a person with a clear conflict of interest and appointed without Senate confirmation now in charge of the Mueller investigation. I'm kinda afraid of what happens next.

posted by am_Unition: 198 days ago