In Seattle, we have found that incentivizing businesses to "do better" and "make the right choices" has had a positive effect, all across the board. The $15 minimum wage has not hurt jobs, and has demonstrably helped the local economy. The elimination of styrofoam food containers has eliminated those products from our waste stream, been a boon for local paper businesses, and has led to some very interesting innovations in food packaging. The elimination of plastic straws recently has already had a huge positive effect. (I have always hated straws. I'm not 3 years old, and no, I do not want that piece of plastic in my fucking drink.)

But this post is about a specific issue here in Seattle.

Seattle was looking at a Soda Tax. Just like cigarettes, soft drinks are fucking toxic waste to the human body. That's well-known. Soft drink bottles are (largely) single-use plastics, and therefore fucking toxic waste to the planet. When humans drink less soda, they are healthier.

So, like cigarettes, you put a "sin tax" on them to make them slightly more expensive, and therefore make people think twice before they buy them. Then, over time, you gradually increase that tax.

The next effect is more money in the city's coffers, and less toxic waste being consumed by humans. A win for everyone.

But Coca Cola doesn't like that.

So they wrote and financed legislation that they say "prevents raising taxes on 'groceries', so poor people can still afford food."

"Keep your grocery prices low! Vote yes on I-1634!"

Fucking fucksticks.

But here is the real problem with this legislation: what it does is prevent the public from using their democratic right to vote on issues that matter to them, at any time in the future.

Seriously. This legislation prevents the public from EVER bringing any kind of legislation forward, related to any food product. Thereby removing the base principle of a democracy: the right for anyone, anywhere, to raise an issue, gather support for it, and bring it to a vote of their peers.

That is fucked up, and every one of the sponsors of this bill should be penalized by the Federal government - and their customers - for attempting to limit the public's rights in our democracy.

Fuck Coca Cola. Fuck Pepsi. Anti-democratic fucksticks.


Let's get real about this nanny state bullshit that brought about this dire threat to democracy that you so fear.

I'm reasonably sure that i'm about to waste 30 minutes of my time but once more into the breach as they say.

I'm just going to assume that you are pro-choice, you seem like a good Democrat.

I'm pro-choice as well but not because I'm a good Democrat ( I'm a shitty Democrat who's registered as an independent but votes Democrat 99% of the time).

Have you ever gone through a miscarriage or an abortion? It's heavy. I've never been party to an abortion but I've stood as supportive as I can through two miscarriages.

I'll admit that I'm glad one of them happened. She was going to keep it, we were wrong for each other, I think she would have been a shitty mother, I'm sure that I wasn't ready to be a father. It was painful. Admittedly it was waaayy more painful for her than I.

The second miscarriage was my wife's and we were trying to have a baby for over a year. It was devastating. It wasn't the death of a potential baby, it was the death of our child, one we had tried so hard for, one that the lack of arrival had put more strain on our marriage than anything else. There were many horrible things happening at that time in our lives and it was the most horrible of them. It was the death of our child.

We have many gradations of murder in our justice system; capital murder, murder in the first degree, second degree, manslaughter, vehicular or negligent homicide.

To some extent or another abortion is the taking of a human life. I don't think it's a criminal taking of life but it's not without weight or consequence, it shouldn't be a decision that is taken lightly.

I'm morally comfortable with abortion in the first trimester. You are killing wad of cells, without consciousness. It's not laudable but I think it's acceptable to choose not to take the awesome step and overwhelming responsibility of bringing a new human into the world at that point in a pregnancy.

I'm pretty uncomfortable ending a pregnancy in the third trimester. Its a human child that can feel pain, one that is sometimes viable outside the womb. I can see ending a pregnancy for the health of the mother or because the child will be severely ill or disabled but otherwise I don't think it's the right thing to do.

I have immense respect for pro-life people who have adopted an unwanted child, especially when the child is disabled or born drug addicted. That's putting your money where your mouth is. I don't think that a pro-life position is intellectually untenable. I can understand the belief that abortion is murder, even if I don't share it.

Despite the fact that I can see how someone could be pro-life and not a horrible human I still believe that abortion is a personal choice in the first trimester and it's nobodies business but the person who has to make that sad choice.

Democrats say "Keep your laws off my body," "My body my choice," while they are engaged is some sort of murder. The stakes are so high and the answer is so clear. Any law that makes getting an abortion harder is a great evil. Making women get an ultrasound before termination or counseling session is 100% wrong, and I agree with them.

Hold everything!!! When it comes to what people do with their bodies when it comes to soda or cigarettes no democrat gives a shit about "my body my decision". When the stakes are just crazy low all of a sudden body autonomy is off the fucking menu.

No law that interferes with a women's right to get an abortion is moral but it's totally fine to judge the shit out of someone for choosing to drink a sugary beverage.

I see nothing but hypocrisy.

I've brought this up with Democrats before and have rarely has anyone acknowledge that there is any inconstancy with their position. For some reason people deserve 100% body autonomy when it comes to the right to kill an unborn child without government encumbrance in the first trimester but it's morally right and just for the government to interfere when someone wants to consume a sugary beverage.

I think I'm pretty consistent in my belief that what people do with and to their own body is their own business and government should stay the fuck out it. I think all drugs should be legal, abortion, assisted suicide, any perverted sex you can imagine between consenting adults should be legal.

I honestly don't know how I feel about seat belt and helmet laws. Only a fool would not use either safety device and there are significant downsides for society when they aren't used. I feel ok not having the right answer for these issues. I'm sure that I don't have all the answers.

You clearly acknowledge that the shitty grocery bill was a direct response to the soda tax proposal. The shitty grocery bill in Oregon is a direct response to a soda tax proposal. I don't find that Democrats have any real allegiance to the idea that people should have personal sovereignty over what they do to and with their own bodies, the soda taxes certainly suggests that they don't. Being pro-choice is a Democratic litmus test. Are democrats pro-choice because they really believe that people have the right to make decisions over their own bodies? Are they really just ok with killing babies and it has no real connection to personal sovereignty? Do they really just parrot the dominate paradigm of their peer group and the society they live in? Am is missing something about "Keep Your Laws Off My Body?" It's certainly possible that everyone has been telling me plain about why I'm wrong and in my stubbornness I've just missed their point.

I believe that most people just parrot that which they hear, if you change their peer group they would change their values. The values they hold are mostly unexamined and don't extend beyond what they have been told to think on any given hot button issue. I don't know how abortion can be such a sacred right and other body autonomy rights that are so petty as to present no real sacrifice to preserve when compared with the paltry benefits compromising them provides.

Anyway blah blah blah, you probably don't care, I don't find most people do. The party line is the important part and thinking past it doesn't seem to make anyone get along with their peer group any better. The shitty grocery tax was a direct response to a Soda Tax, it didn't pass in Oregon, so huzzah! I'm glad it didn't, if it had I'd have blamed the people who sit around drinking pinot gris, shaking their fingers at the fat stupid soda drinking plebs and thinking about more ways to make their lives better by making things more expensive. Did it pass in Washington?

Anyone got any thoughts on body autonomy and personal rights in the Democratic Party? Anyone else notice the pardox between sin tax and abortion rights? Love to hear about it.

All my candidates won and so far all the ballot measures went the way I hoped.

I hosted two events for a newly minted city council women, hope she remembers my name when I call her office.

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