Congratulations to Ulisse for guessing $5500, closest to today's NYXBT value of $6363.4596, off by 13.6%.

Ezana, winner of the previous contest, comes in second place with a guess of $3,220.

Ulisse, are you about? You won 0.01 BTC!

Ulisse made a late bet; only Ezana and blackbootz deliberated longer. (goobster and flagamuffin missed the deadline.) It was quite interesting to see how the index dipped into Ulisse's winning range ($4360 to $8249.50) on May 22 and never left. By mid-September the index began hovering around $6300, the approximate midpoint of the winning range. Volatility continued to diminish, and the index stayed within a $100 band from Monday to Thursday this week, ending at $6306.6296 yesterday, less than two dollars away from the exact midpoint of Ulisse's winning range!

Bitcoin price prediction recap

Contest 1 announced on July 1, 2015, when 1 BTC = $258.62, prize = $25.86.

Contest ended July 1, 2016 when Ezana's guess of $680 was closest to the index price $673.45 (less than one percent error).

Ezana collected on November 4, 2017, when 1 BTC = $7,379.95, prize = $738.


Contest 2 announced on November 4, 2017, when 1 BTC = 7,379.95, prize = $73.80.

Contest ended November 2, 2018 when Ulisse's guess of $5500 was closest to the index price $6363.46.

Ulisse collected November 2.


Hi, Thank you

I think the bear market will continue.

If I had to make a guess for the next year it will be $4500

posted by wasoxygen: 293 days ago