The first time I'd heard of them was when reddit announced they were banning them. It is kind of disturbing to think of what this could lead to in the future. Imagine someone getting framed for a crime through faked video; it's scary to think about


Even if the term ‘deep fake’ goes mainstream, there will be never be a way to create a fake video that can’t later be analyzed by experts and deemed to be fake or real. Media can make it sound like AI is there, yeah, maybe in 20 years. But for now, if a video is released and it’s been tampered with, there are traces of anomalies for even the best ‘fakes’.

Think about the ramifications as well, this isn’t a trivial claim, might as well claim you have magic beans to offer.

Does it mean no more video or audio can be made admissible in court when it becomes possible to create a truly authentic fake video or audio?

Do they think we are that stupid?

What they will rely on is the masses following the narrative set before them, for those who don’t seek to question, but that too is in jeopardy with the number of TV cutters, millennials flipping the middle finger to the American dream, and the continual false flags/terror/emotion hijacks revealing a less than authentic reality.

People are waking up across America.

posted by Nepotist: 357 days ago