• The world's tallest statue will be dedicated on Halloween.

• The U.S. Transportation Department has declared that an artificial intelligence system could constitute a “driver” under federal trucking rules.

• The Museum of the Bible will remove five fragments from its Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, following testing in Germany that suggested they are fakes.

• Mate in 1 (has two solutions)

• The percentage of adults who eat fast food rises with family income level. 91% of parents in a 2016 survey said they had purchased a meal for a child at McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's or Subway during the previous week.

• There are now more U.S. $100 bills than $1 bills in the world. Clydesdale Bank of Scotland issues its own banknotes.

• Jiǎ Xīnwén, the first cloned human baby passed her fifth birthday in good health.

• West Virginia will allow voting in November 2018 using a smartphone app based on blockchain and facial recognition.

• Standing in your kitchen in North America, your right foot is just about large enough to blot out Australia, 7500 linear miles away.

Transparent Earth for iOS (see also World Map Puzzle Maniacs by the same developer)

Glaserde for Android


Oooooh I like that chess problem. Forgive my rusty chess notation but Re1 and f8-K?

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