Had a meeting with my heart failure team yesterday. Put a few more of the pieces in order.

1. From the day we decide to list me for transplant to the day that all of my pre-transplant testing is done will take about a month.

2. I'm likely going to be on the list for more than six months, likely not more than a year because of recent changes to the United Network for Organ Sharing system. In theory. In theory I could also get one the day they list me, in theory I could die waiting for an organ. The longer the wait, the more organs I am likely going to need transplanted because as the heart fails, so do the kidneys, liver, etc. These days it is not uncommon for heart transplants to be done concurrently with kidney transplants because they are typically needed almost immediately.

3. There is universal agreement that I should stay with my original equipment as long as possible. The current estimate I have been given is five years or less. From the clinical management perspective, all the fatigue, dizziness, chest pain in the world isn't a reason to transplant someone. As long as my organs are still mostly functional by blood chemistry they are essentially unconcerned. (And people wonder why I give so few shits about 'feeling.')

posted by pubski: 264 days ago