Well, after getting rather hyped up to read this book after a sci-fi club thread with some of you I'm happy to say I finished Dune! What a read! First of all, I loved it. Secondly, it pushed Spice onto me and now I'm like an addict begging for more. I really loved the setting of Arrakis and there seems to be so much depth to the universe's planets and the Imperium. The whole ducal system with a royal family is fascinating with the intermingling of the CHOAM company's seemingly capitalistic stance. I'm still letting the book sink in a bit in my mind but couldn't wait to make a post here explaining how much I loved it.

The inter-dimensional and physical capabilities of Paul Maud'dib and the Bene Gesserit are some of the coolest power trees in a book I've read. I love how it all connects to a physical cellular and ancestral emotional drive almost gaining in power and understanding with every generation until culminating in the Kwisatz Haderach. And the combining consciousness effect that the Spice has? so cool. The long exposure held on the Fremen people is fascinating. The fact that they all have this subtle, ever-present race identity they share and subconsciously tap into. Needless to say, can't wait to pick up the Frank Herbert sequels!


Lucky you.

My best friend introduced me to Dune way back they. Herbert became instantly my fist favorite author, and In a few year span I read everything by him. At least 2 times. From the Destination Void universe (very good), to the short-story collection, to my least favorite (because not Sci-fi) : the Soul Catcher.

If I owe someone to not totally suck in English, I owe it to Herbert. Because back then not all his book were translated in french, and I could only read them in English (and don't understand them)

My favorite is the Messiah of Dune (I loved the bad guys plan). But people consider that the god-Emperor is the better in the serie.. but how can you identify with a giant worm?

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