“My name is Khalid,” he tells me, and I want to believe him. After all, he has traveled the world as royalty—the son of the king of Saudi Arabia, no less. Leading international investors know him as His Royal Highness Khalid bin al-Saud. He moved in an entourage of Rolls-Royces and Ferraris, his every whim tended to by uniformed housekeepers and armed bodyguards. A suave British-born C.E.O. handled his business affairs, and a well-connected international banker marketed his investment deals to a select few, leaving him to live a life of astonishing excess.


His instagram feed is something else. It's basically a 1st-person POV catalogue of "I ate this/I drove this/I wore this/I flew in this" and at least three videos start with the narration "it's about the take-off".

It's as if he's trying to make it real.

posted by ButterflyEffect: 133 days ago