The future direction of the country is, of course, harder to predict, but there are signs that despite Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, the country is indeed moving left, as reflected in his loss of the popular vote. The political scientist James Stimson’s national “mood” thermometer shows a swing to the left since 2012. Polling on issues from the economy to immigration to same-sex marriage supports this view; surveys show, for example, that a solid majority of Americans support legal abortion under any or some circumstances, and very much oppose overturning Roe v. Wade..


The size of the Supreme Court has varied from 6-12 people, over time. There is no defined number of justices, either max or min.

The next Democratic president and senate could simply sign on 4 new justices that were heavy lefties, and, say, 30 years old, and the entire thing could be changed. Forever.

Then the Repubs win, and make the Supreme Court 30 members strong, and sign on 18 new justices. And with their total abdication of moral code or dignity, all cards are on the table, from now for ever.

posted by kleinbl00: 131 days ago