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This is not a contest, everyone who posts a photo wins.

Post any photo that YOU took. Gear doesn't matter.

Post as many photos as you want.

Constructive criticism is welcome. This should be where we can all grow and learn as photographers together.

Nonconstructive criticism will be ignored and shunned.

Feel free to post photos even after the week is up. There is no real time limit.

Patterns in Photography

    Patterns are simply repeated shapes, colours or objects, ordered in either regular or irregular formations. As a photographer, using pattern is key to good composition and, when used effectively, can transform an otherwise bland image into something dramatic and eye catching. Patterns are formulated all around us - in both natural and man made settings. The key for photographers is firstly to find them, and then secondly to use the scene to our advantage.

-Simon Bray tutsplus.com


Last flight to Los Angeles for the season. Battle commences again Jan 2. Ech.

So as it turns out I own a sisyphus table.

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