I didn't read the whole thing, because it's very long, and I'd already read an article about this in a Norwegian newspaper.

Are anyone surprised though? From the moment he first refused to release his tax returns, we knew something shady was up. Even his cultists must have realised it, they just didn't care any more about his financial crimes than they cared about his sex crimes. Let's just hope he gets some sort of comeuppance. From what I understand it's too late for criminal charges, but it would be amazing if a sitting president were ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in civil fines.

The article I read says the Times spent a year and a half on this investigation, which I find interesting. First of all I'm surprised they didn't start sooner, why not already during the Republican primaries, or at the very least immediately after the election? They (like all of us) knew he had been up to shady things, and they knew if they could prove it this would make for a series of explosive articles.

Secondly a year and a half is an awful long time for newspaper research, even for such a big case as this one. I don't think it's accidental; I think the Times are honouring the US tradition of the October Surprise in national elections. Save the most explosive stuff for the month before the election, when everyone's eyes are on the people they're covering.

Someone on Tildes predicted that Trump would do something moronic and/or evil to create headlines to distract from his tax fraud. Right on cue the president went on stage and publicly mocked professor Ford. Sometimes I wonder if he's a PR idiot savant, or just a very lucky idiot.

posted by necroptosis: 137 days ago