I did get a chuckle at the rundown.

    Even if you think it's cool to create chilling effects for someone who doesn't want Peterson to speak, you simply are not promoting free speech by silencing critics of free speech. That's not how it works. At all. Any attempt to completely silence people -- even if they're not fans of your free speech -- is still an attempt to stamp out free speech and antithetical to free speech.

The best way to fight ugly speech is to mock it and make it a laughing stock. Example given: Westboro Baptist Church. The KKK after Superman made fun of them. Every religious fanatic ever. Point and laugh at them and watch the regressives wither back into their caves.


I've probably said this before but I'm really glad that Jordan Peterson turned out to be a terrible person who can't take criticism and also a racist, because the things he was saying before really resonated with a lot of people and those things were pretty terrible too but for less obvious reasons.

posted 617 days ago