Or maybe not so closeted.

Being a student, price often is the determining factor when buying things, especially travel related expenses such as airfare or lodgings.

However this weekend I enjoyed a private room instead of a 10-bed dormitory when staying in Busan, South Korea. I also booked a more expensive bus with more legroom. I enjoyed it even though it felt pretty bougie. It got me thinking, what does Hubski splurge furtively on?


Generally, I splurge on things that make me happy or healthy. Both have economics that pay off in the long term, which we humans are particularly ill-equipped to take into account properly. So I don't care how much I have to pay to swim, I don't care how much my meditation app is, it'll pay itself back if I merely keep at it (and if it's not stupidly expensive).

I mean, I just posted my tech setup over in pubski and we can discuss the specs of each of those items at length but fundamentally, it makes happy every time I look at it.

I grew up in a reformed protestant community in a lower class neighborhood with parents that scraped by. In other words, peak Calvinism. Spending was a sin, modesty and frugality a virtue and one shan't have more than one needest to survive. Which I don't entirely disagree with - I still can't help but feel bad if I buy the slightly more expensive peanut butter. But I am frugal only to the extent that it doesn't interfere with my happiness or health.

posted by blackbootz: 144 days ago