Yeah fuck the kids let's hire old people. After all, the feckless little twerps were crippled to begin with when we didn't retire in 2008 might as well kill 'em off now, right?

But let's be serious a minute. Why on earth would someone want to hire young people?

Why... on earth... would someone want to hire young people?

Wait wait tho it gets better

    So when I hired an editor in chief for our learning organization at LinkedIn, I knew my decision would draw some attention.

Let's unpack this. You know what the "learning organization at LinkedIn" is? It's the former Lynda.com. LinkedIn bought them for a billion dollars (and fucked them up). She "hired an editor in chief" (who did the fucking). And then when Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26b, she left LinkedIn.

Her own LinkedIn is a horrorshow. M&A at Sun about the time they were delaminating. "VP of learning" at Yahoo at peak dumpsterfire. "Chief Learning Officer" during the time that LinkedIn couldn't figure out how to monetize tutorials that nobody watched so they had to buy and fuck up Lynda.

'member the guys on the ship in Restaurant at the End of the Universe? The telephone sanitizers and shit that got shot off into space so that everyone else could get shit done? With the captain who ran the ship from the bathtub?

Yeah this chick would be close enough to command to hand the guy the soap.

posted by francopoli: 144 days ago