Long time no see. A lot has happened since I logged in here last time. Probably for you people as well.

If anyone is interested in catching up this is the place to do that.


Great to see you!

1. Check out #pubski

2. I started a stem cell banking company with mk and ecib with assistance from the brilliant, b_b

3. I have more kids, less hair, more pounds, less muscle mass, more knowledge, less insecurity, more anxiety, less time for music.

4. I spend less time here

5. I see kleinbl00 more often

6. I see lil less often than I’d like

I miss #3questions TNGPODCAST and I miss elizabeth

I miss steve and I miss humanodon

I miss you all

This place was, is and always will be great.

Glad you stopped back by sbg

posted by swedishbadgergirl: 399 days ago