I can't help but feel this article has very little depth. Most people even badly aware of the idea of AI are aware of all these types of risks. "Should a self-driving car swerve out of the way?" is the first thing people say whenever the topic of self-driving anything comes up. "Could the government use it to spy on people and be evil?" Hello, Skynet?

    If the private and public sectors can work together, each making its own contribution to an ethically aware system of regulation for AI, we have an opportunity to avoid past mistakes and build a better future.

Might as well have replaced the entire article with that. A conclusion straight from a style guide provided in a first year polisci class, translated into some kid's medium blog. A mixture of public and private approach with no specifics? Sounds like... everything.

Also, I don't buy this popular narrative that somehow social media borked the 2016 election and spread disinformation everywhere and nobody can sort anything out anymore. In reality conspiracy theories and unscientific thinking are nothing new and it's not like governments haven't been elected on the basis of lies or done horrible things in the past.

I need a beer.

posted by darlinareyousleepy: 157 days ago