But that relentless focus on private, easy sharing did not account for second- and even third-order effects at scale: What happens when there are more than a billion people using the service? What happens when some of those people have a limited understanding of the technology they’re using, of the perfidy of the broader internet? And what happens when an incitement to violence can be shared instantly with hundreds of people who can each share it with hundreds more?

I'm pretty certain I disagree with this notion. Still, got me thinking: can you put blame on anyone when tech meets people who don't understand said tech (or are too gullible for it)?


    Vicious Rumors Spread Like Wildfire On WhatsApp — And Destroyed A Village

    In July, residents of a rural Indian town saw rumors of child kidnappers on WhatsApp. Then they beat five strangers to death.

People spread rumors. People destroyed a village. People beat five strangers to death.

The people involved in this need to take responsibility for their actions, or this will never improve. Pointing the blame at a foreign technology company is a cop out.

posted by veen: 373 days ago