The overlap of Trump votes with the highly concentrated counties is very high. Trump knew how to connect with voters, when he spoke about rigged markets. He spoke to the average worker’s fears. In the 2016 election Hillary Clinton won 472 counties that represented 64% of US Gross Domestic Product, compared to the 36% for the 2,584 counties that voted for Donald Trump. In many small towns, a single meat packing company, insurer, hospital system, or big box store owned by a distant company has now replaced locally owned businesses. Trump was tapping into a profound, justified anxiety across the country.



Related to that chart, how many of those same employees are in professions at high risk of being automated away? A livable wage is a great cause, but if your job is going away anyway it's only a bandaid without repositioning yourself in the workforce.

posted by kleinbl00: 164 days ago