I read this with the same sort of profound knowledge as a philosopher in a barrel.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps... the list is endless.

It's great that the author listed so many ways that AI can go wrong.

However, perhaps AI isn't just going to go in that direction. Why does AI have to mimic being more human? Why can't humans become more creative with the direction of technology first?

It seems like we, as a consciousness, feel threatened by the interactiveness of our new invention.

Maybe it's the hippie in me speaking, but it doesn't seem like a bad idea to focus on creating problem solvers for mass revolutions (scary, I know).

Then again, I am not exactly sure of the exact dimensions of the Internet as of right now.

It's going to take a second to catch up.

It's been a while since I have had to flex my brain about the social implications of a social media site.

It's like showing up to church with a bad translator and paparazzi, hoping that will get you in anywhere.

What I got from this article is that there needs to be better teachers in the world and that we, as a consciousness, are starting to understand the implications of pushing for resources and for an artificial utopia. It's the age old question.

We can get there... but can we get there together?

Or is this another case of Paradise Lost?

posted by user-inactivated: 418 days ago