I want to talk about this because it will be fascinating to observe.

    And, as MIT Technology Review reports, with the move, “California is effectively acting as a testbed for what’s technically achievable, providing a massive market for the rollout of clean-energy technologies and building a body of knowledge that other states and nations can leverage, says Severin Borenstein, an energy economist at the University of California, Berkeley.”

As an aside, can we also talk about how this is a quote of a quote?

None of this is assured, and I've seen other quotes from lawmakers that the goal may not be achieved, but trying to get there is important.

They will run into problems, and they'll have to find solutions. Those fixes will end up being applied globally.

Every problem can be overcome, and the question becomes whether it's economic and if the negative aspects are acceptable. It's a bit of an engineer's nightmare and candy land.

posted by veen: 170 days ago