in Grunt, Mary Roach asked a Navy press representative why the Navy walks around in blue and gray camo considering most Navy personnel never leave the boat in combat. "So that we're harder to see when we fall overboard," he observed dryly.


The rumor that the navy blues turn orange when exposed to water is often circulated around new privates to the army. I’ve never had the heart to explain rain and/or sweat.

Uniform changes are so goddamn wasteful. The army Universal Camoflage Pattern was absolute garbage, and it cost [over $5 billion]( As a universal pattern it works nowhere except gravel pits. It’s intended to be effective after becoming filthy and worn, but multi cam works far better both new and used. The navy has a ridiculous number of dress uniforms, and their two duty uniforms are absolutely useless operationally. The NSW uniform looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream for shit’s sake. But honestly that’s fine. 99% of those wearing these uniforms will have no operation use for them. The current uniforms look fine in a professional setting, which is their only real use currently. As most things in the military these changes were most likely inspired by an officer looking for a solid bullit point in his annual performance review.

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