Tomorrow morning I get on a plane to make my way to Seoul, South Korea for the fall semester. It's bonkers on several dimensions. The fact that I've been planning this for a year and now I leave tomorrow. The fact that our president has gone from threatening the peninsula with fire and fury to chumming it up with one North Korean. And it's bonkers because home and family are never sweeter before a long adventure without them.

But I'm excited. Trepidatious. But excited.

Also, I've been busy traveling and packing so I didn't have the chance to make a post about it until now. But, last week I was in California and a friend invited me to break some bread.

kleinbl00 and I ate at Home in Silverlake, Los Angeles. The fried pickles were bomb and we got sandwiches for dinner. Before you ask why, just know they were phenomenal. I recommend the place. Oh! And the company was pretty nice, too :)

posted by pubski: 395 days ago