It's been busy for me recently, but let's get selecting for some new material.

Here's the ongoing list:


A Darkling Sea


The Martian Chronicles

The Last Man on Earth

Elephant's Dream

2 B R 0 2 B

So speak up for whatever piece sounds most appealing to you. Whichever appears to have the most support this round gets the pick!

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- Deadline is noteworthy for speculating about the refinement of plutonium in an age when nobody knew how to refine plutonium. Meanwhile this movie is 33 years old:

- A Darkling Sea - I mean, this is not my list of "stuff I'd want friends to read." I'm expecting another Blindsight.

- Neuromancer - A great book but considering we got like 3 people to commit two hours last time I'm not enthusiastic. Again, 'Fragments of a Hologram Rose' and 'Gernsback Continuum' are both readily available on the INternet and both under ten pages.

- The Martian Chronicles - It's not a bad choice. I would argue that if you want to get your Bradbury on Illustrated Man is a more varied and better option.

- The Last Man On Earth - NO. It's the worst adaptation of I am Legend and you're straight up shutting down that 1500-word, freely-available Matheson I linked last time. This one actually makes me mad. At least if we went with Omega Man we'd have the glory of Charlton Heston in full '70s regalia.

- Elaphant's Dream - I don't want to watch 12-year-old student fumblings in Blender. Ever.

- 2BR02B - there's a bunch of good Vonnegut. Why are we picking a Vonnegut that nobody reads?

There was a lot of discussion last time about "good time travel movies" vs "bad time travel movies" and a number of options were presented:

- Groundhog Day

- Edge of Tomorrow

- Time Machine with Rod Taylor

- Stein's Gate

- Looper

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