In a review of Joseph McCartin's 2011 book, Collision Course: Ronald Reagan, The Air Traffic Controllers, and the Strike that Changed America in Review 31, Richard Sharpe stated that Reagan was "laying down a marker" for his presidency: "The strikers were often working-class men and women who had achieved suburban middle class lives as air traffic controllers without having gone to college. Many were veterans of the US armed forces where they had learned their skills; their union had backed Reagan in his election campaign. Nevertheless, Reagan refused to back down. Several strikers were jailed; the union was fined and eventually made bankrupt. Only about 800 got their jobs back when Clinton lifted the ban on rehiring those who had striked. Many of the strikers were forced into poverty as a result of being blacklisted for [U.S. government] employment."


I guess if your enemy is crazy enough to shoot himself in the foot to hurt you, you don't really have a leg to stand on.

Though I think this was more the "there's no santa claus" of union busting. If your job is significantly less skilled than that of air traffic controllers, or you are easily replaceable by someone who is unemployed or underemployed, it isn't really possible to either strike or collectively bargain.

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