I'm a bit later than expected, but here it is: the discussion thread!

I'll Follow You Down

Here we have a sci-fi drama with an interesting cast selection.


I felt this one leaned more heavily on the drama side, so I'm interested to hear about what everyone thought about that aspect of the movie.

Other than that we have the time travel aspect of the movie. There's a large selection of time-travel oriented fiction. Did it add anything new to the mix?

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I can't say I was a fan of this one really. It wasn't compelling as a drama, and it wasn't compelling as a sci-fi piece either. I will say that the final resolution wasn't what I was expecting to happen, but other than that it had pretty typical tropes and was fairly predictable. The pacing of the film was weird all the way through as well. It felt like non plot-moving development took most of the screen time.

posted by zebra2: 208 days ago