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I'll Follow You Down

Here we have a sci-fi drama with an interesting cast selection.


I felt this one leaned more heavily on the drama side, so I'm interested to hear about what everyone thought about that aspect of the movie.

Other than that we have the time travel aspect of the movie. There's a large selection of time-travel oriented fiction. Did it add anything new to the mix?

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The problem that I have with time travel is this: At its core, there is no tension in a universe with time travel. None. You do not have to race the clock, there is no ticking bomb, there is no "OMG RIGHT NOW" to move the story. You can time travel. You have infinite time to get your act together then tackle the problem.

The movie that did "time travel" somewhat well was the movie "Day after tomorrow." Over all I thought the movie was "meh" but the idea of rewinding the timeline to learn from mistakes made me take notice.

The only better way to remove tension and drama from a story is to introduce multiple timelines/multiple universes. Just about every show and movie with a multi-verse ends up having a plot that was all for naught as you can jump into a timeline/universe where the plot of the show was resolved the way you the author wants it to be resolved. Star Trek uses this deus ex machina multiple times.

posted by zebra2: 20 days ago