I was a hardcore gamer when I was young but I begin to lose interest from the early 201s. I got a ps4 to get back into gaming but didn't enjoy it the same I would have back in the 2000s. But I still love playing the old Dos games over and over again. The graphics, the gameplay, the little easter eggs, even the bugs and glitches, I just love everything about DOS games. I like to play the same games that I've already playing like a thousand times over and over again.


I don't play the same games now I did when I was a kid. A few times I've tried (usually in emulators), but they're never as good as I remember them. Instead I play a lot of retro games; the kind with pixel art graphics, chip-tunes soundtracks, and usually some old-school game mechanics. They remind me of the old classics I played as a kid, but without the limitations and annoyances caused by the limited technology of those days. And they usually lack the annoyances and excesses of modern games.

posted by jayuogakai: 27 days ago