I was a hardcore gamer when I was young but I begin to lose interest from the early 201s. I got a ps4 to get back into gaming but didn't enjoy it the same I would have back in the 2000s. But I still love playing the old Dos games over and over again. The graphics, the gameplay, the little easter eggs, even the bugs and glitches, I just love everything about DOS games. I like to play the same games that I've already playing like a thousand times over and over again.


Absolutely. Sid Meier's Colonization remains a favorite, along with the early Roller Coaster Tycoon games, all the Sierra point-and-click/typing adventure games, and a few others. I actually unearthed my copy of D-Generation on an external harddrive that I've been meaning to get into my DOSBox install.

I remain ever-thankful for GoG.

posted by jayuogakai: 215 days ago