Or rather, I registered a handle based on my footwear--with a z because internet pseudonyms "have" to have flourishes--about 5.5 years ago. I lurked for a little while before that. I had just dropped out of college and so had lots more free time.

I have nothing but gratitude for the site and its members. A handful of very memorable meet-ups, more than a little encouragement when I was confused or down in the dumps, and a lot of heartwarming congratulations when it came to sharing victories. So many interesting links and conversation. So much life advice. So much spam (we're doing better with the spam ;).

I don't have anything special to contribute on this day, but it's beautiful where I'm at in Baltimore today (80 degrees and breezy, bright blue sky) so I'm sending you good weather vibes.


i am just 2 days old... when can i pass you?

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posted by blackbootz: 225 days ago