Thanks to her new proximity to power, the dark murmurings over Barrett’s religious affiliations have been revived. Many critics are particularly incensed over her apparent membership in a Catholic-adjacent group called “People of Praise,”

    The Times story does not use the word cult, but it’s easy to see why some of its details alarmed many readers. People of Praise members are said to be accountable to a same-sex adviser, called a “head” for men and (until recently) a “handmaiden” for women, who gives input on a wide variety of personal decisions. They swear “a lifelong oath of loyalty” to the group. As one blogger put it, “Barrett is a dangerous religious extremist who believes a federal judge can subvert the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the United States in order to promote her own religious agenda.”

Reminds me of the group AA is based on and I'm no fan of these types of not-technically-a-cult movements based on putting up with Alcoholics Anonymous for far too long.


My Uncle loves her and has a facebook feed full of her quotes and talks. This alone cements my opinion that this person should not be a judge, much less a Supreme Court Justice.

posted by tacocat: 233 days ago