With new activist groups forming on a near daily basis in response to the Trump administration, Ramirez also sees the DSA’s decades-long foundation as an asset. “What’s interesting about DSA is that it’s the long history of organizing, laying the intellectual groundwork – it’s built from both activists and academics, and now it’s getting injected with this new kind of activist: the person who had been at Occupy, or they were activated by the Bernie Sanders campaign, or they want to resist Trump,” says Ramirez.


More rolling stone. Whoops.

Also, here's another poll highlighting young people's opinion on socialism referenced in rolling stone:

    Younger Adults More Positive Than Older Adults About Socialism

    Young Americans, aged 18-29, have more positive views of both the federal government and socialism than older Americans do. Young adults' ratings of the federal government, capitalism, big business and socialism are similar -- between 55% and 58% positive for each.

    Older Americans' views of capitalism are more positive than those of Americans under 50 years of age, and older Americans' views of socialism are more negative than those who are younger. Overall, Americans across most age groups see capitalism more positively than socialism. The exception is among those aged 18-29, who are equally positive about both.

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