As in Southern Comfort.

my go-to collards recipe except i made this with half a pound of bacon and ground cayenne instead of red pepper flakes

never made it before but it's pretty great pork chop recipe the only change is i beat up an egg and i double dipped my chops (and only made 3 not 4). oh and i used 2 shallots and i used half and half not cream

basic onion gravy except i used 3 small onions and i cooked them for an hour and honestly feel they could go longer

and i made up the mashed potato recipe but it was based off of this one , i used half and half not milk

as a general rule of thumb i tend to extend cooking times for slow cooking recipes (collards, boiling potatoes etc) over cut them short so a major alteration i made multiple times is i 1.5 or more cooking times

frozen honeyed watermelon for dessert


Sounds like a great meal! Love the watermelon. Have you ever tried doing the watermelon with lime? 1/2c lime juice 1/2c honey in a pan over medium heat. Boil for like 2 mins, cool and then done. So good.

posted 735 days ago