There are lots of Ethiopian and Eritrean migrants in Portland. I've gotten to know a few well enough that I've found recent news pretty exciting.

Abiy Ahmed is the new prime minister. He seems to be ready to make big changes in Ethiopia. He's from a large minority that has been trying to assert their place in society. He has some progressive ideas and might be able to enact real positive change.

Ending the conflict is a big deal. It would be good for Ethiopia but it might be a bigger deal for Eritrea.

Eritrea is pretty fucked from what I've gleaned. I think most Eritrean men leave the country because they want to avoid conscription. If you are unlucky you can end up a slave to the state for decades. A career, marriage building a life is all on hold until you've completed your service. I don't think that peace would end conscription but it would certainly put pressure on the government to ease up.

It will be interesting to see what the next decade holds for both nations. It think both countries might be positioned better days.

posted by cgod: 210 days ago